The juggling beanbags
for a life time.

100% vegan
water resistent
non allergenic
lifetime guarantee

Infinities are not just likeable at first glance. They are packed with exceptional features.

Ready out of the box. Infinities don't need to break in, because they cannot. They preserve the same softness you bought them with.

Sticking to your palms. The surface of Infinities has a rubbery texture for a confident catch.

Perfectly round. Thanks to the near-spherical shape, it is easier to toss the ball accurately.

Lasting for years. Infinities can eventually become an integral part of your juggling as they don't wear out like most beanbags do.


The surface has a rubbery feel which prevents the ball from sliding off your hand.


We developed our own method of stitching to achieve maximum precision and flawlessness. Also, there is not an "outside seam", they all look the same.


We use a super-strong two-ply thread matching the colour of the ball.

Outer material

The outer material is a vital part of Infinities. It is a Japanese synthetic leather with a real-leather-imitation texture. It is 1.3mm thick and holds incredibly well in all sorts of conditions.


Infinities are filled with plastic pellet with a similar structure as millet. Unlike millet, it is water-resistant, non-allergenic, doesn't attract bugs and mice and lastly, it is absolutely stable in a long run (it won't be crushed into dust).

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Four colours. Three sizes.

64 mm
118 g
68 mm
148 g
72 mm
175 g

We are dead serious about our durability promises. If any of your Infinities breaks, we will replace it for free.*

*We're not advising you to destroy them to get new ones. That unfortunately doesn't work.

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