Free deliveries on orders above 90 EUR

written by
Vašek Peca
December 8, 2020

For the rest of 2020 (and for the sake of its unkindness), we decided to do something generous and kind. We lowered and made equal all the tresholds for free deliveries to 90 EUR. That is, if you buy 7 or more Infinities, you get a free shipping, no matter where on Earth you live! The deliveries are powered by DHL, who do their job amazingly.

So, you might wonder until when it is safe to order for Christmas. That is until December 15 if you're ordering to the Americas, Australia, Asia or Africa; and December 17 if you're ordering to Europe.

Also, we turned off the Packeta delivery option until Christmas as this was the slower, yet affordable service. We want to make sure that all Christmas presents arrive in time!