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Infinities FAQs

Vašek Peca
Vašek Peca
December 18, 2021

We are getting a lot of questions about Infinities these days. We decided to have them all answered in one place. Here are the frequently asked questions about Infinities!

Where can I try Infinities?

In our office in Brno, Czech Republic. We'll be happy to help out!

Or at juggling events – if you want to be updated about the events we are visiting, subscribe to our newsletter.

Or at any of our distributors' stores. There are not many yet but we are planning to focus on getting Infinities to many more physical stores around the world in 2022.

Are Infinities 3nd generation compatible with the 2nd generation?

Yes, they are! You can fearlessly mix and match the 2nd and 3rd gen.

Are Infinities customizable?

Yes, they are! What's more, you can customize their size, weight and fill all independently – and we will make a mixture of fillings that matches the given parameters. Our customization system is described in this blog post, and Infinities Custom can be ordered here.

Don't the two fillings separate inside the ball, causing it to wiggle?

No, they don't! Out of the production, the two fillings are distributed evenly in the ball's shell. Then you might think that muesli effect might cause some of the granules to rise to the top – that is not the case, since the ball rotates all the time and the top and bottom changes places.

And yeah – we did a lot of testing, and found out it really does not happen :)

What is the chemical composition of the synthetic leather?

It is 60% PU and 40% Nylon. It does not contain phthalates.

How to clean Infinities?

We recommend wiping them with a wet wipe, similar to how leather products (e.g. sneakers) are cleaned. This way you can be sure that absolutely nothing can go bad.

If you are more adventurous and want to give your Infinities some "inside-out" cleaning, you can wash them under running water or in a washing machine. In a washing machine, always use a mild program, maximum 30° C. After washing them, remember to let them dry well (that can take up to 3 days) – that means leaving them outside your bag. Cleaning Infinities under running water or in a washing machine may lead to a slight change of their feel (softer and less sticky).

How does the guarantee work?

There is a 3-year guarantee on 3rd gen Infinities (stock and custom), so in the rare case that the ball is damaged in normal use, we promise to repair it on our expense.

The fact that we do it by repairing and not by exchanging for a different piece is a big advantage – you can be sure that the wear of the ball will be kept (besides the damage of course).

The claiming process differs based on where you bought Infinities:

1. If you bought directly from Jugglequip, send us an email with a photo of the damage and explanation how it happened. We will take a look at it and tell you what to do next. Usually we ask you to send the item back (if you are in EU, we can give you a label to use for free return-shipping), then we take a few days to repair it, and finally we send it back to you.

2. If you bought them from a retail partner, you deal with them (send them an email or visit them physically). They will check if you are eligible for the repair and then give you further instructions. The rest of the process is similar.

Why are Infinities so expensive?

Infinities are indeed expensive if you compare them with juggling beanbags from brands like Mr. Babache or Juggle Dream that you may know from your local juggling shop. The problem of the comparison is that the two are like chalk and cheese.

Most of the juggling balls available in juggling shops are made very cheaply in Pakistan or China, and they are not designed by jugglers, but by workers in those sweatshop-style factories. Usually, the production cost of these cheap balls is less than 2 € (including materials, work and profit for the factory owner), so you can imagine how marginal is the quality of the materials and the stitching.

On the other hand, Infinities are made in the center of Europe, from the highest quality materials in the world. We make no compromises since our goal is not minimising costs, but maximising the utility for the juggler.

A fairer comparison seems to be the price per day of usage. Let's compare Juggling Dream Thuds (3.50 € per ball) and Jugglequip Infinities 3rd gen (17.90 € per ball). Thuds lifetime is a month. Infinities lifetime is 3 years minimum (that is our guarantee). So, with a set of 6 juggling balls, one day of using Thuds costs 0.70 € and one day of using Infinities costs 0.10 €. Added to that, Infinities improve your performance by being designed for serious juggling – and you'll enjoy your juggling much more!

Will you have more colors? I'd be interested in (your favorite color)!

As of July 2023, we have 8 colors of leather and thread. We plan to add new colors to the line-up about twice per year. If you'd like to suggest a color, write us an email!

For how long will you sell 2nd generation Infinities?

Until they are sold out. The quantities left in stock vary by color and size, however we expect everything to be sold out during 2023.

Can Infinities be shipped to Australia?

Yes, they can! It is absolutely safe to have Infinities shipped to Australia.

Australia has one of the strictest import regulations, which does not allow foods in any form to be shipped there (in order to minimize the risk of importing pests or disease). That implies that even juggling balls filled with seeds are not let in – but fortunately, Infinities are filled with plastic pellet.

Why do you say that Infinities are vegan?

We do not want anyone to eat our balls, not even vegans. We just want to be explicit that we use a synthetic leather, not a real one.

Why do you say that Infinities are non-allergenic?

Some juggling beanbags have a millet filling, and millet does trigger allergies in some people.

Infinities are filled by a mixture of plastic pellets (custom Infinities can be also filled by iron pellet). Our materials are safe for everyone.

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