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Infinities Recycling Program

Vašek Peca
Vašek Peca
August 21, 2022

If you have ever held Infinities in your hands, you know that they are made of truly durable materials. There are people who use Infinites since 2019 (when the 1st generation was released) and even after more than three years, they are in mint condition – this is what one juggler wrote to us recently:

Thanks for the quality juggling balls, mine have been through a lot of juggling over the past few years and still just like the day I bought them, not a loose stitch in sight, still perfectly shaped and no cracks in the material. I do recommend them to people at clubs and conventions all the time.

Infinities last longer than the time by which we are used to upgrade our phones or shoes. Needless to say, just like with phones or shoes, we are tempted to buy new ones – because that would make the practices more enjoyable and give us new energy for juggling.

But it feels bad to buy juggling beanbags if the old ones are still good, doesn't it? We have a fix. It is called Infinities Recycling Program.

Infinities can get a second life

Infinities Recycling Program (IRP) keeps old Infinities in the game: we buy back used Infinities, recycle them (if needed), and sell as IRP sets with a discount during our pop-ups at conventions.

So how does IRP work?

How you can trade in Infinities

You can trade in your used set of 2nd generation Infinities at any physical place where you find Jugglequip or Vašek alone. In turn, you get a coupon worth 30 % of their original price. The coupon can be used to pay for your next order at Jugglequip, online or offline.

You can find us in our office in Brno or at any juggling convention that we visit. At the same time, you can choose your new Infinities in person. Win-win!

How we recycle Infinities

First, we decide if the traded-in set needs to be recycled. We clean the outside of the balls, then inspect the stitches and if they are not damaged, the balls can go straight into sale.

If the stitches are damaged or the balls are too dirty, we unstitch them, which gives us the filling and the panels. The fillings are separated and cleaned, the panels cleaned and pressed to flatten them. The plastic fillings can be used for new balls (they do not degrade), the iron filling only if it is uncorroded. The panels are used for IRP sets only. All the materials are expensive (especially at the time of shortage of various resources), so we are quite happy when we get some back from you!

Frequently asked questions

Can I trade in customized Infinities?

Yes, of course!

Can I trade in 1st generation Infinities?

Unfortunately not, we decided to move from the 1st generation completely.

Can I trade in Infinities bought from a distributor?

Yes, you can!

Is it possible to send my old set of Infinities to Jugglequip to trade them in?

Technically, it is possible, but from our experience, it does not pay off for the customer, because shipping is quite expensive. You can do your own calculation and if you think it is worth it, drop us an email! We'll tell you where to send it.

Do I need the original receipt when trading in my Infinities?

It is best if you have a receipt so that we can see how much they cost originally and what their parameters are (if they are customized). If you bought them at a convention and you did not get a receipt, just tell us where you bought them.

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