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The juggling beanbags for a life time. 8-panel, hand-stitched, plastic-filled. Solid grip. Incredible durability. 3-year warranty.
€ 14.00 EUR
per 1 ball

Ships in 1–2 days from our warehouse in the Czech Republic. Shipment tracking included. See full delivery pricing for details.

Infinities come with a 3-year warranty. If any of your beanbags breaks in that time period, you send it to us and we send you a free replacement. You're responsible for getting the damaged item to us and the respective costs.

Place your hand flat onto a ruler on a table and stretch your fingers as far as possible. Measure the distance between the tips of your thumb and little finger.

Hand size <21 cm 21–23 cm >23 cm
The size chart is a helping guide if you don't have prior experience with ball juggling. If you do, you probably know which size fits you well.
Infinities Jugglers' Guide
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Super durable

Thanks to the resilient materials that we use, Infinities don't wear out like other balls do, they stay in great shape for years.

Water resistant

You can play with Infinities in rain, mud or a swimming pool—and when they get dirty, just throw them in a washing machine.

Vegan & Ethical

We make sure that Infinities are produced ethically. We supervise our factory in Pakistan and use only animal-friendly materials.

Guaranteed to last

Infinities come with a 3-year warranty, which means that if any of your balls breaks, we're going to replace it on our expense.

Infinities are the most versatile and durable beanbag I've ever used. I love being able to juggle outside without worry of wear and tear, and it's so nice being able to easily wash off the dirt to clean them!

Taylor Glenn

What I love about Infinities is the variety of bright colors. I am now performing all season in a theater that has a white background and the orange ones stick out beautifully in front of the white stage set.

Niels Duinker

Infinities fit into hands and hold their shape perfectly! Another feature I like is the weight that gives better control in the air and around body. There is also a fine balance between rolls and stalls, which is a nice characteristic for beanbags!

Filip Zahradnicky

I am extremely impressed with Infinities. They are the best juggling balls I have by far. I recently ordered the green 72mm balls and they are simply amazing! I immediately put them into my show and had a blast!

Ashton Masterson
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